A Success ICT Story from Vietnam – Dedication and A Positive Result

Câu chuyện định cư Canada diện đầu tư ICT thành công

The dedicated team of Second Passport Incubator has not stopped serving its clients during the #COVID19 pandemic. We keep on achieving positive results for our business immigration clients from Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Our client, a highly motivated businesswoman from Vietnam contacted our office this summer with the previous history of multiple visitors and student visa refusals for the whole family and unsuccessful application for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program.

Although the client has a very basic level of English, her motivation to relocate to Canada to grow her business and a carefully crafted immigration strategy by the Firm’s team resulted in a positive response from the Canadian authorities. Our team-members who communicated in Vietnamese and reviewed all relevant documents from Vietnam took on the challenge with a determination to do their best in this application. The Second Passport team is very happy that we could achieve this great result for our client. We remain committed to supporting the client in her future immigration applications!

A brief timeline of this success story from Vietnam:

  • June 25, 2020: SPI’s team submitted a work permit application under the Intra-Company Transfer program
  • September 07, 2020: The Principal Applicant and her children in Vietnam received their medical exam request letters
  • September 08, 2020: The children received the 1st stage approval for their Study Permits
  • September 29, 2020: The Principal Applicant received a Passport Request Letter

We’re expecting that the family will obtain their respective visas soon and will be able to travel to Canada before November 2020.

At Second Passport Incubator, our team is made of lawyers and staff members who have immigrated to Canada many years ago. We feel and connect with our clients more sincerely, because we were immigrants, too. We understand their excitement, worry and motivation. Perhaps, that’s why each member of our team give his/her 110% dedication for each client’s file!

Let us be your guide in business immigration to Canada!

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